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International Union of Immunological Societies:

Frontiers of Immunology:

Federation of African Immunological Societies:

Antibody Society:


Frontiers in Immunology Research: A Living History of Immunology


Primary immune deficiency:

Primary Immune Deficiency Network South Africa (PINSA)

Useful patient learning materials from international sites:

Jeffrey Modell foundation

Immune Deficiency Foundation



Allergy Association of South Africa (ALLSA)



South African Rheumatism Arthritis Association (SARAA)



Southern African Transplant Society

Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa



Southern African HIV Clinicians Society




South African vaccine schedules in private and state please visit


History of vaccines with timelines and pictures by College of Physicians of Philadelphia see


Vaccines for Africa website (VACFA)- information for parents and healthworkers


Vaccine coverage, global and regional statistics, case numbers and maps


Centre for Vaccines and Immunology

Please visit the website of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases and select “Our centres”