The conference will be held via zoom. To avoid uninterrupted viewing, we recommend a stable and uninterrupted internet connection of a minimum of 5mb/s upload and download speeds.

The ivenue page will be open from 09h00 on the 30th of August 2021.

In order to access the conference you will need to enter your registration ID on the iVenue page to access each days talks. If you have registered to attend multiple sessions, days or the full conference you will need to access the iVenue page using your registration ID each time.

For every registration to attend virtually, only one device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) will be allowed to enter the virtual conference.

This means that the session has not gone live yet. The live view will automatically take over when the host starts the meeting/webinar.

This either means that you do not have an internet connection or that you have the incorrect details/link for the meeting. Please make sure that your internet is connected and confirm that you are using the correct zoom link/meeting ID & password for that session.

Once you have a stable internet connection you can return to the meeting/webinar by using the same link/meeting ID & password you used to get into the meeting the first time.

Yes, you can do so by using the same link/meeting ID & password. You will also have to use the same login details, as the analytics within Zoom will track your attendance.

Make sure that your system audio is not on mute, also make sure that the speaker volume is not too low.

All questions will be text based. At the bottom of your zoom window there will be a Q&A tab for you to use during the session, you may post all your questions here.

The zoom window has to be selected/in the foreground for the polls to show up automatically.

Once you are in the Ivenue page you will see a link that will take you to the exhibition page.

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Join for free by downloading the app via the app store or google play. Find and follow the SAIS 2021 Conference and keep up to date with the latest conference information before, during and post conference.

CPD certificates will be sent to the email address you provided, via email within the week after the conference.

You may contact our conference organisers, Onscreen Conferences & Events

Bridget de Beer
+27 21 486 9111

Annie Klaas
+27 21 486 9222